E. Texas psychiatrist charged with trafficking Indian women for sex, forced labor

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – An East Texas psychiatrist has been arrested and charged in connection with what’s being described as a ‘forced labor conspiracy’ in New York.

Riyaz Mazcuri, was arrested Thursday by the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office and booked in the jail on a federal warrant.

According to documents from the federal court in the Southern District of New York, Mazcuri, known as ‘The Doctor,’ was indicted along with three other men accused of organizing a human trafficking organization.

Mazcuri is a psychiatrist who has practiced in Texas for several years in Houston and most recently at a facility in Kilgore.

Federal court documents state the men would hire female dancers in India under the assumption they would perform cultural programs in the United States. Prosecutors allege when they would get to the U.S., the women would be forced to dance in nightclubs in front of men for twelve to fourteen hours per night, seven nights a week. Some of the performers were reportedly engaged in prostitution. The men would reportedly force the women to perform by confiscating their passports and by threatening them with physical violence.

The group reportedly operated in New York and in other locations from 2008 to 2010.

According to jail records, Mazcuri has a Houston address. He was ordered into the custody of the U.S. Marshals until a detention hearing, scheduled for July 29 in Tyler.

Mazcuri’s attorney, listed as Joel Androphy of Houston, was unable to be reached Friday for comment regarding on his client’s arrest.

Source: Cody Lillich, “E. Texas psychiatrist arrested, accused of trafficking Indian women for forced labor, prostitution,” KLTV-7 (www.kltv.com), July 25, 2014. 

3 responses to “E. Texas psychiatrist charged with trafficking Indian women for sex, forced labor

  1. Your site maybe helpful in protecting an unsuspecting client but it is cruelly irrelevant to my practice and destructive to my ability to support my family. I definitely made a mistake but not nearly to the level claimed so the client was able to extort funds from my malpractice company. Then she blatantly lied on the stand years later like the apparent sociopath she is. My frustration isn’t with a sick person but it is with “news organization” that neglected to thoroughly fact check before its abusing its media clout at the expense of others.

  2. My reply to my comment represents an appeal to a trace of humanity and accuracy in your reporting. This is false information. Without deep pockets, it’s tough and time and money consuming to sue for libel, and you’ve assured my pockets will not be able to because, ironically or coincidentally, your unbridled immoral and unethical reporting which serves to destroy the good work I’ve trying to do for all my adult life. Free speech isn’t repeating the self-serving lies of unreliable and people devoid of conscience. If you want a good story, with plenty of documented evidence, allow me to describe the filthy Illinois Judicial system and its “abuse of discretion” and “overly harsh penalty” as improbably reported by the Appellate Court system describing the Circuit Court system Gestapo tendencies.

  3. They say you say say almost anything you want in America because nothing will be done about it.

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