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Psychologist Julian Gordon, stabbed at home, is registered sex offender

Dr. Julian Gordon, a one-time psychologist in the Oakland County (Michigan) court system, spent 13 years in prison for raping a boy he was supposed to be counseling, according to reports.

After he got out of prison, the state gave him back his license, though he had been fired from Oakland County’s probate court in the 1990s. Gordon, 56, told the state he was a “reformed man.” But now he faces new allegations, WXYZ reports.

Another man has made a claim that Gordon tried to sexually assault him after he got out of prison.

WXYZ reports that he was counseling Tony Esparza, 27, at Nardin Park Recovery Center. Esparza told WXYZ that he did not know of Gordon’s history.

Esparza said Gordon told him he could help him find a job if he moved in to his Waterford condo with him.

And one night, Esparza told WXYZ that Gordon got into bed with him and started touching him inappropriately, trying to have sex with him. WXYZ reports that Esparza said he fought him off with a knife.

Esparza has filed a compliant with the state for approving Gordon’s license reinstatement.

Gordon worked for Oakland County from September of 1989 to June 4, 1997, when as a senior psychologist he was terminated after criminal charges were filed against him, said Kevin Oeffner, circuit court administrator.

He was sentenced to prison by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Rae Lee Chabot.

Source: “Oakland County psychologist accused of sexual assault for second time,” Macomb Daily, May 23, 2014.

Mental health counselor flogged me, introduced me to sadomasochism, says Pasco woman

Eleven years ago, a Pasco County woman we will call Mary Jane was coping with the loss of a child and sought help from licensed mental health counselor Adam Glatt.

“I was feeling depressed and overwhelmed,” she said.

But instead of relieving her pain, Mary Jane told 8 on Your Side, Glatt quite literally inflicted it after taking her as his lover and introducing her into a sadomasochistic lifestyle she had never known.

Mary Jane was a survivor of childhood molestation and still suffered post-traumatic stress from the death of her 49-day-old newborn son three years earlier. “I was feeling lost,” she said.

Her marriage was broken, she’d lost custody of her two daughters and her job was in jeopardy when she discovered Glatt’s name on a list of counselors through an assistance program from her then employer. “That is how I met him,” she said.

After Mary Jane began counseling sessions, she claims that Glatt, who was married at the time, began introducing her to the fetish lifestyle he lived outside of the office. She says it seemed so intriguing she eventually became Glatt’s “slave” in a sexual relationship that lasted for years.

In 2006, three years after her first office visit, public records show Mary Jane moved into the Paradise Lakes nudist resort in a garage apartment adjacent to Glatt’s residence. That’s when Mary Jane claims the sexual relationship started along with the alternative lifestyle she’d never experienced before meeting Glatt.

“I followed in after Adam because I trusted him,” she said. “I found myself in a space of not knowing what to do, where to go.”

Glatt somehow convinced Mary Jane that having this sexual relationship would help her, public records show. “The way I could heal from being molested as a child was to engage in a sexual relationship with him,” she told 8 on Your Side.

Florida law makes it a crime for mental health counselors to have sex with clients. The Florida Department of Health, which licenses counselors, calls it “sexual misconduct,” and the counseling profession’s national code of ethics also bans it.

A Florida Department of Health complaint in 2012 formally accused Glatt of committing acts of sexual misconduct against Mary Jane, including flogging.

She claims he tied her to a “St Andrews’s Cross” he kept in his bedroom, beat her with a whip, and practiced other forms of domination while she served for five years as his “submissive” or sex slave.

A photo of Glatt front in front of the cross Mary Jane claims he kept in his bedroom is among the exhibits in the DOH complaint. “I would never have believed it myself if I had not lived through it,” she said.

In a letter in the DOH case file, Matt Haftel, an attorney representing Glatt, denied any wrongdoing by his client and insisted that Glatt never engaged “in any form of sexual behavior” with Mary Jane.

(READ the letter from Glatt’s attorney here & here)

In an apparent effort to challenge her credibility, Haftel listed a litany of irrational behaviors and mental problems suffered by Mary Jane.

But several witnesses interviewed by investigators supported her story and spoke of seeing Glatt and Mary Jane appear at social gatherings and parties as boyfriend-girlfriend.

One man reported seeing them engage in public sex during fetish lifestyle parties on “several different occasions.”

“He brought me to private dungeons but also to private parties,” Mary Jane said. “It wasn’t like we were hiding from people necessarily.”

Mary Jane showed 8 on Your Side a photo depicting her in a provocative pose with Glatt at what she describes as one of the annual “Fetish Con” gatherings they attended together in Tampa.

Mary Jane claims her sexual relationship with Glatt continued for about five years until they had a falling out in late 2011.

In October 2012, social worker Nikki Daniels ran the Family Justice Center in Tampa. She filed a complaint with the DOH alleging that Glatt had abused Mary Jane, violated laws banning sexual relationships between therapists and patients, and had threatened to disclose Mary Jane’s medical records.

(READ the administrative complaint here)

“Absolutely, there’s no way he should have been allowed to practice,” said Daniels. “That is so far beyond anything that can be construed as appropriate.”

State DOH Investigators spent five weeks checking out Mary Jane’s allegations of kinky sex, flogging, and abuse by Glatt. They gathered evidence, interviewed witnesses and wrapped up their inquiry the week before Christmas 2012. It seemed like a closed case.

But for the next 16 months, the case floated in limbo while Glatt’s license remained in good standing with Florida and untouched by any of the scandalous allegations raised by Daniels and Mary Jane.

There is no indication in state records suggesting why the investigation appears to have gone dormant for more than a year after DOH investigators finalized their report in December 2012.

(READ investigation documents here, here & here)

During that time there was not even a whisper of Glatt’s troubles on the Florida Department of Health licensing website. No hint anyone had accused him of doing anything illegal or improper in the course of his mental health practice.

The website showed Glatt’s license as active, with no complaints or discipline that might have raised questions or concerns by other patients, fellow practitioners, or the public.

Glatt moved to Virginia in early 2012, before the DOH investigation began.

Based on his clean Florida record, Glatt obtained a Virginia license so that he could open a practice in that state in a community near Richmond known as Midlothian.

After leaving Florida, Glatt practiced as a mental health counselor in Midlothian for nearly two years under his Virginia license.

Daniels thinks that’s wrong, given what she regards as Glatt’s abusive treatment of Mary Jane.

“Someone who is as dangerous as he is to be allowed to practice anywhere is absolutely unacceptable,” said Daniels.

In February of this year—16 months after Daniels first complained to the state–the DOH investigation started moving forward again without explanation. Department of Health administrative prosecutors in charge of disciplining licensed counselors like Glatts had finally set in motion the process that would lead to the loss of Glatt’s Florida license.

Two months later, on April 25, Glatt officially surrendered his license at a Tampa meeting of the State of Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, & Mental Health Counseling.

As part of his agreement with the DOH, Glatt “does not admit any wrongdoing whatsoever.” But he had to give up his right to practice in mental health counseling in Florida.

From start to finish, Glatt’s hearing that day lasted exactly one minute and 55 seconds. Glatt was not present and board members accepted Glatt’s “voluntary relinquishment” without uttering a single word of admonishment about his behavior.

The board chairwoman didn’t have much to say after the meeting either. “We’ve done our very best to protect the public’s interest in this matter,” said Mary Bridgman. ”The case is concluded and I have no further comment.”

Six days later, after receiving official notice of Florida’s action, Virginia suspended Glatt’s license to practice in that state based on the fact that Glatt’s Florida license is no longer valid.

18 months had passed since Daniels first reported Glatt for sexual misconduct.

Richard Samet, Glatt’s lawyer in Virginia, told 8 on Your Side he is preparing an appeal.

Samet told 8 on Your Side that Glatt will not discuss any allegations until he resolves the suspension of his Virginia license. Samet insisted Virginia’s suspension was automatic and no one in that state has made any finding of fault by his client.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane is savoring the notion that Glatt, for the moment at least, is not allowed to treat any mental health patients in Florida or Virginia.

“I’m smiling because it’s a victory for people who seek out mental health services. It’s a victory for all of us,” she said. “I would tell him there’s an extra warm spot in Hell waiting for him.”

Source: Mark Douglas, “Mental health counselor flogged me, introduced me to sadomasochism, says Pasco woman,” WFLA TV-8 (Tampa), May 21, 2014.

School psychologist among men arrested in teen sex sting

Four Sacramento-area men, including two who have worked professionally with children, were arrested on federal charges of trying to arrange a sexual rendezvous with a teenaged girl.

During a three-week operation, a Citrus Heights police detective assumed the persona of the teen in online meetings with the men, all of whom discussed graphic sexual details and arranged a meeting with “the teen.”

All four are being charged with the attempted enticement of a minor, a federal crime which carries a minimum prison sentence of 10 years. All but one are being held without bail in the Sacramento County Jail.

The accused include:

Cameron Lovell, 27, of Sacramento
Roger Bartlett, 66, of Roseville
Gerald Lowrance, 42, of Woodland
  Kevin Wood, 35, of Rancho Cordova

According to court documents, Lowrance has had an association with the Autistic Programs Foundation and was fingerprinted for employment by the Woodland Joint Unified School District.

News10 has confirmed that Wood is actively working as a psychologist with special needs children at the Amador County Office of Education.

According to the criminal complaint, when Wood was questioned by police at a Citrus Heights park where the meeting had been arranged, Wood initially denied plans to have sex with the teen.

Wood reportedly told police he was a counselor who worked with children and that he had come to the park to “mentor” the girl.

“It’s shocking, quite frankly,” Amador County Unified School District Superintendent Dick Glock said.

Glock said a Citrus Heights police detective called his office on Tuesday to explain why Wood wouldn’t be coming to work.

“At this time we don’t believe there’s been any inappropriate activity in the district,” Glock said. “But obviously it’s very early and that’s one of the things we’ll be checking.”

The Citrus Heights Police Department was planning a news conference Thursday to formally announce details of the online operation.

Source: George Warren, “4 Sacramento-area men arrested in online teen sex investigation,” KXTV ABC-10 (Sacramento), May 15, 2014.

Hey, Montana resident: Is Dr. William Peak your psychiatrist? Have a peek at this.

A Billings child and adolescent psychiatrist who was stripped of his medical license two years ago has been granted a lifetime probationary license to practice adult psychiatry.

“I was a good psychiatrist before,” Dr. James H. Peak told the state Board of Medical Examiners after its decision Friday in Big Sky. “I will be a better one now.”

Peak, 52, had petitioned the state Board of Medical Examiners to reinstate his license since January.

Reinstatement of his license comes with a string of conditions, including that he practice psychiatry only with patients 18 years and older, that he provide every patient with a declaration of who he is and what he has done and that he limit his practice to 30 hours of on-site work per week initially. He will not be allowed to see patients off-site, according to Michael Fanning, a lawyer with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.

Peak, who has been unable to find employment, is expected to open a private practice.

The board in January postponed Peak’s request until March. The delay was designed to give Peak time to come up with a plan to demonstrate he will be supervised by an expert, specifically Dr. Thomas Van Dyk, a psychiatrist and medical director at the South Central Montana Regional Mental Health Center in Billings. Van Dyk has been one of Peak’s most ardent advocates and mentors.

Van Dyk said he was hoping Peak could join the staff at the Mental Health Center but the chairman of the board of directors was not receptive due to the negative publicity Peak’s situation has generated.

Bill Kennedy, chairman of the Mental Health Center board of directors, said nothing of the negative publicity surrounding Peak’s quest for reinstatement.

“We already have four psychiatrists on staff,” Kennedy said, adding that the most recent was hired in November. “We do not need another psychiatrist. We are full.”

Van Dyk will serve as Peak’s mentor and supervisor. As such he will review all of Peak’s patient charts and observe him with patients three to four hours per week for the first 90 days.

Another of his supporters has been Michael J. Ramirez, clinical coordinator for the Montana Professional Assistance Program, who calls Peak a “model participant” in the program. MPAP’s purpose is to address the problems of physicians or dentists whose ability to practice has been impaired because of sexual misconduct, substance abuse, psychiatric illness or other issues. Peak will be a lifetime participant in the program.

Peak served just less than 10 months in a Seattle federal prison after pleading guilty in August 2011 to possessing child pornography. He had been employed as a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Billings Clinic since 1994.

Peak was also sentenced to a lifetime of probation in connection with his guilty plea.

Fanning said the federal probation sentence coupled with MPAP’s lifetime participation requirement will motivate Peak to comply with all conditions of his license reinstatement. If he does not comply, the response will be “swift and powerful.”

“We all hope that in time Dr. Peak demonstrates competency, safety and stability,” Fanning said. “Dr. Peak has been publicly humiliated. I have to admire him because the easy thing would have been to fade away. But his call to serve has outweighed the humiliation and embarrassment of what he has gone through.”

Since his release from prison, Peak has been working to restore not only his medical license but also his reputation and the trust he lost when his double life was exposed.

Since August, he has been volunteering 20 hours a week at the Mental Health Center in Billings, where he is helping update policies and procedures. He has had no contact with patients.

Source: Cindy Uken, “Peak’s medical license reinstated on ‘lifetime probationary’ status,” Billings Gazette, May 16, 2014.

Ontario psychiartrist Stanley Dobrowolski gets 4 years prison for sexual assaults of female patients

“He was my support system, my parent, my confidant, my compass and my guide. He was my cheerleader,” she said as she stood before the man she had put all her trust in for over two decades. A man who sexually violated her and failed her in her time of need.

“Stanley Dobrowolski, I trusted you,” the woman –one of 22 women whose names are protected under a publication ban– told her former psychiatrist in court on Thursday while reading her victim impact statement. “The emotional damage and harm to my soul goes beyond the nine pages of submissions”

The stories of those 22 women, who were sexually violated by the London psychiatrist, were read into the record on Thursday by Assistant Crown Attorney Laurie Tuttle. They are accounts that 67-year-old Dr. Stanley Dobrowolski admitted were true. In all of the cases, the 21 women and one girl said Dobrowolski performed breast, vaginal or full body exams on them during appointments at his Old North home office.

The cases were detailed using the women’s initials only, because they were so nervous and anxious that they didn’t even want their full names read in court.

Dobrowolski plead guilty to 16 counts of sexual assault, one count of voyeurism and one count of breaching a court order on Thursday.

During the incidents, dating back as far as the mid-90s, many of the women were meeting with Dobrowolski to discuss issues related to depression, anxiety or traumatic life events. The court heard Dobrowolski often performed unnecessary exams and took pictures under the guise of checking for cancer of the breast and skin, or in one case to give advice about a breast reduction surgery.

After his arrest in Nov. 2012, London police investigators were able to recover from his computer almost 10,000 images of female patients in various states of undress or naked while he examined them, or touched them. Many of the women did not know they were being photographed, and say they never would have agreed to the examination if they knew they were being recorded.

A handful of the women told police the physical exams did not seem out of the ordinary, but in some of those cases Dobrowolski was under a 2005 divisional court order not to perform any kind of physical examination on his patients.

In one case, police found 2,140 photos of a woman who was 17 years old at the time some of them were taken. The girl was never officially his patient, because Dobrowolski told her it wold look bad on her record later on. He performed vaginal and breast exams on the girl, and told her he had to check for cancer because of her family history. Police found photos of the girl posing naked on a leather chair in his office, along with close-ups of her breasts and vagina. It was the only case that the Crown detailed evidence of secret video being taken. The girl had no idea she was being taped during the exams.

It’s only one of 22 eerily similar stories from female patients. Stories that detail Dobrowolski’s reassuring, but at time manipulative presence. Stories of multiple breaches of trust and gross misconduct on the part of a psychiatrist who spent 32 years practicing in London before his arrest.

On Thursday afternoon, four women read victim impact statements in court, while another 13 chose to submit statements to the judge in writing. Three women detailed how they were assaulted by Dr. Dobrowolski, and another told the court how he stole her well-deserved childhood by wrecking havoc on her family while treating her mother.

“My therapist. That kind, sensitive, caring man with whom I had shared my most intimate feelings,” one woman told the court, while visibly shaking from head to toe. “My friend… my rock… was nothing more than a sexual predator.”

“The incidents [of sexual assault] replay in my mind like a really bad dream,” another confided.

The woman who brought nine pages of notes asked the judge if she could take a spot on the witness stand so she could face her former psychiatrist. “I had hoped to face this man,” she told Justice Gregory Pockele. She cried for only a moment, before detailing years of support from “Dr. D” that she later realized wasn’t helping her at all. He once examined her breasts. “He so kindly offered to teach me how to self exam,” she said with just a slight edge of sarcasm. She said when she found out about the charges against Dobrowolski she had been trying to contact him in a time of crisis. She said she felts abandoned, and stunned at what he was capable of.

When she read all nine pages she walked down from the witness stand, only gathering the courage to look him in the eye as she walked by him.

“I needed you,” she told him between clenched teeth.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly.

“I know you are,” she replied while looking away.

Dr. Stanley Dobrowolski was sentenced to four years in a federal penitentiary after his lawyer and the Crown made a joint submission. He will comply with a DNA order, he is banned from owning a gun for ten years, he will be listed on the sexual offender registry for the rest of his life and he is banned from communicating with any of the woman he sexually assaulted.

Before he was taken into custody he spoke with his back to his victims and former patients.

“Very briefly I just wish to say that I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “I wish to apologize to my former patients, my family, and everyone who has been harmed by my misconduct… I’m very very very sorry…”

Then the surely soon-to-be-stripped-of-his-medical-license doctor walked out of the room through the prisoner’s dock with the eyes of almost a dozen victims on his back.

Source: Avery Moore, “Psychiatrist Sentenced to Four Years For Abusing Patients,” Blackburn News, May 15, 2014.

British Columbia police launch investigation of school psychologist charged in U.S. for child porn

Delta police are looking into whether children here may have been victimized by a school counsellor charged in the United States with possessing child pornography.

In a case reported earlier this week, Point Roberts resident William Brook, who works as a psychologist for the Delta school district, was arrested and charged with possessing hundreds of images and videos of child porn, including scenes of children being sexually assaulted. He is alleged to have downloaded the material at his home.

Delta police spokesperson Sgt. Sarah Swallow said U.S. Homeland Security notified police here and the investigation by Delta police is still in its early stage. So far, it doesn’t appear there is any indication Brook was involved in criminal conduct on Canadian soil.

Swallow said police are working with the school district to notify parents, asking them to contact police if they learn anything inappropriate may have taken place.

Although police and the school district are not saying the schools Brook worked at or the ages of the children he dealt with, Swallow said the investigation must be handled carefully, so as to not place any suggestions to students that something happened when it may have not.

The Seattle P.I. reported earlier this week that acting on a tip, Homeland Security stopped Brook’s car May 7 as he attempted to cross the border into Point Roberts. Officers seized his school district-issued laptop he had in his possession, but no illegal images were found on that computer.

According to federal charges filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle, investigators in a subsequent search of his home found 334 files believed to be child pornography on his laptop, as well as a four-gigabyte thumb drive filled with additional videos.

Those images and videos allegedly included the rape of very young children.

Brook was scheduled for a bail hearing Friday.

The charges against him at this point involve possessing child porn but don’t involve luring or abusing kids.

An article in Bloomberg Businessweek last month noted that since 2002, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia, which analyzes photos flagged as potentially abusive, has reviewed 105 million child sex abuse images, including 24 million last year.

An article in this month’s edition of the Times Record, on-line news for Fort Smith, Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, reported that not only has the Internet made it easier for people to find and distribute child pornography, but the nature of images has changed in the Internet age.

“Way back, it was still images of a child lying on a blanket with their bottom exposed or (the photo was) focused on their genitals. Now there are actual videos of infants being raped and young boys being sodomized by adults. Those are so heinous and so shocking relative to what it used to be,” said Kyra Jenner, assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, quoted in the article. “They’re crime-scene photos.”

Source: “Delta police launch own investigation in school psychologist charged in U.S. for child porn,” Delta Optimist, May 15, 2014.

School psychologist charged with possession of extreme child porn

A school psychologist living on the Canadian border faces federal charges following allegations that he bought and traded child pornography online.

Federal prosecutors contend William Brook downloaded hundreds of child rape photos and videos at his home in Point Roberts, a small Whatcom County community located on a peninsula with no land access to the United States.

When agents arrived at his home last week, Brook was working for the school system in Delta, B.C. Brook has since been jailed

Writing the court, a Homeland Security Investigations agent said his agency received a tip in mid-April that Brook had been buying child pornography online. Investigators soon learned Brook was working as a school psychologist at the Delta School District.

Agents stopped Brook’s car Wednesday as he attempted to return to Point Roberts from Canada and seized his school district-issued computer.

While no child pornography was found during the stop, the Homeland Security agent said Brook “acted extremely nervous.” As the interview continued, though, Brook is alleged to have admitted to exchanging photos of “kids” on chat websites.

“I asked Brook if the photos were of nude children and Brook replied, ‘some of them,’” the agent said in court papers.

Brook told investigators those photos were on his home computer, the agent continued, prompting a search Brook’s Benson Road home. Arriving at the duplex, Brook invited agents in and then told them, “I just want to erase the stuff,” according to court papers.

Agents allowed Brook to open an online profile he’d created in which he declared his “love” for “pre-teen/pubescent boys and young teens” no older than 14, the Homeland Security agent told the court. Agents claim to have seen that Brook had downloaded child pornography the day before; they then seized the computer.

According to charging papers, investigators found 334 files believed to be child pornography on the laptop, as well as a 4 gigabyte thumb drive filled with additional videos. The images and videos pictured the rape of very young children.

Charged Thursday with possession of child pornography, Brook is expected to appear Monday afternoon before a judge at U.S. District Court in Seattle. He remains jailed without bond pending that hearing.

Source: Levi Pulkkinen, “Feds: School psychologist caught buying, trading child porn,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 12, 2014.