Psychiatrist gets “popped” for kissing vulnerable female patient

According to records acquired by the Tampa chapter of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, psychiatrist Ioan Pop was criminally convicted and and may lose his license next month due to an act of sexual misconduct with a vulnerable female patient who had been involuntarily committed to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami.
The records state that on April 27, 2013, Pop, who was in the patient’s room at Mount Sinai, kissed the patient on the mouth while holding her face and asked her sex-related questions. Pop also called the patient several times after she was released.
The DoH records state that the patient stated that thought she attempted to resist him, she was fearful of rejecting Pop because he was the only physician who could authorize her release.
Following her May 1, 2013 release, the patient went to the police as Pop was repeatedly calling her. She allowed a police officer to listen in on one of Pop’s calls where he stated to her “not to discuss the incident at the hospitalwith anyone” and that he “liked her anatomy and her liked her tongue very much”
On July 25, 2013, based on findings of sexual misconduct, the Florida Department of Health restricted Pop on an emergency basis from treating female patients.
On September 18, 2013, Pop was found guilty of battery and was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to stay away from the former patient.
The entry on Dr. Pop on the website of the Florida Department of Health states that Pop will be surrendering his license.

One response to “Psychiatrist gets “popped” for kissing vulnerable female patient

  1. I think it is shameful that this Dr was just given a slap on the wrist for what he did. I know he must have done this more than this just one time but he knows that these patients are vulnerable and no one would believe them. I know because he did the exact same thing to me and maybe worse. I did not tell anyone out of shame and guilt because I felt it was my fault because I was in this situation. in my case it happened in the end of 2008 and unfortunately due to this states statute of limitations, I can’t make a case against him. There is no one who wants to help either. This person is a psychopath who went in to the field to take advantage of vulnerable women. It was by chance that I stumbled upon this case because I felt I needed to talk to someone about it and looking for his information I ran into this case. It brought back all the memories. He was still calling me until last year and was sending inappropriate books and gifts. I would throw them away. He should receive more punishment other than just not being able to treat female patients. Don’t the mentally incapacitated have rights? This Dr seems to have gone in to this field because he saw the opportunity which is probably why he went in to this field late in his years. I have tired to seek help with this but there is no one willing to help unless there is some monetary incentive or that it is recent. Also after this I did not want to see a Dr in person and had received therapy over the phone but my psychaitrist retired and my insurance does not have very many female psychiatrist on their plan not many males for that matter. I feel like I am paying for my condition and for what happened to me. You’d think that with so much that has happened with abuse to women we would have advanced more. It’snot until it happens to you that you realize the truth about how women are looked upon.

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