State issues accusation against psychiatrist Guy Gullion

On July 1, 2013, the Medical Board of California issued an Accusation against psychiatrist Guy Roger Gullion for boundary violations, gross negligence, violation of ethical standards and sexual misconduct.

The Board’s document states that Gullion gave a patient $200 cash when she stated that she could not afford her daughter’s school pictures. In return, the patient gave Gullion two gift certificates for massages (the patient worked as a massage therapist). When Gullion arrived for his massage, he disrobed in front of the patient and exposed his genitals. He then laid face down, exposing his buttocks. While being massaged, he began to gyrate his hips and reached for the patient’s legs several times.

The document also states that the patient reported to the Board that Gullion engaged in inappropriate behavioral during treatment sessions, including telling the patient that she was stunningly beautiful, that their relationship was bigger than the confines of his of the walls of his office, hugging her at the end of sessions and telling her that she’d made his day.

In an interview with a Board investigator, Gullion admitted that his conduct was a clear ethics and boundary violation.

One response to “State issues accusation against psychiatrist Guy Gullion

  1. Marilyn Meshak

    How could you do that? I was dying and you were the only man I trusted’ and you just betrayed me. How “stunningly beautiful” could she be? I was there every day you worked and only saw skanks in the waiting room. I was going bankrupt – you never offered me any money. I paid $40 for my kid’s school pictures. How could you be such an idiot? Is she being sanctioned by the Massage therapy licensing board? You don’t leave your client naked on the table . You cover them with a sheet or towel. And now she says she was molested! She is a grown woman. There is a word, surprising enogh called “no”. If you want to have a relationship with your dr., you should be woman enough to do it and not tattle on them or say no in the beginning. I’ve been drinking here till 5am because I feel so betrayed. You were the only man I trusted and you were fucking me over the whole time. It’s like thinking you and your dr. understand each other and are close and then you overhear him say to someone else that she is his favorite patient. It’s a huge betrayal and I just want to drink myself to death. First my husband is murdered, my son is taken away and my daughter blames me for the whole thing. and you just disappear and every week, I would say’You won’t go away, will you and you always said you wouldn’t Don’t worry.
    And you knew all along that you were doing something that was inappropriate and with a crazy person.. I hate her and i’m so mad at you and there’s no way I can reach you.. I hope she burns in hell. You don’t take money from men then offer them sexual favors if you are a straight up person. That is called being a prostitute. And I suppose she’s expecting a big win from the lawsuit. HOW could you be such a fallguy. it’s so unfair. I’ve regressed like a year and can’t even talk it out with you. If this newspaper knows where you are, I hope they will pass this message along.

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