Sacramento psychiatrist attempted romantic relationship with patient; surrenders license

On June 3, 2013, psychiatrist Ananth Shanmugam surrender his license to the Medical Board of California, admitting that, at a hearing, the Board could establish a factual basis for the charges against him contained in the Board’s October 3, 2011 Accusation, which alleged gross negligence and repeated negligent acts for attempting to establish a romantic relationship with a patient.

Shanmugam treated the patient March to May 2010, during which he talked to her about her feelings, how her medications were affecting her, her sex life, what she could do to make sex better and about her relationship with her husband.”

Shanmugan sent the patient text messages which turned increasingly personal and inappropriate. The patients’ cellphone records showed that 273 text messages were exchanged between them over a three-week period.

6 responses to “Sacramento psychiatrist attempted romantic relationship with patient; surrenders license

  1. Mental health worker

    Sierra Vista Hospital is going down hill. I’m shocked nobody hasn’t closed them down. Its like s big orgy up there and very unprofessional. This is the second doctor that is involved in a sexual act

      1. This mental health worker doesn’t have the guts to reveal his name
        I am the Dr Shanmugam he mentions
        So one disgruntled employee has the ability to twist the facts on this stupid website!
        How very unlike anything American I knew or believed in
  2. Mental health worker

    I personally I have worked with this doctor Shanmugam and this really doesn’t shock me at all. I will never go to sierra vista hospital and admit any family members there at all. Trust me there will be more report on doctors and nurses up there not following hospital procedures and violating the code of conduct lol

  3. Dr. shanmugam performed many illegal practices on me while i was admitted to the adolescent psychiatric unit. Watch yourself, prick.

  4. What about child molester who pleaded guilty ans spent time in jail?/

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