Ontario psychiatrist now facing 18 counts of sexual assault

London (Ontario) police have charged Stanley Dobrowolski with an additional 16 counts of sexual assault.

The local psychiatrist, arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of voyeurism in November, was again arrested by the London Police Service on Monday.

After conducting a media blitz in January, police saw 19 women come forward saying they were also assaulted by Dobrowolski. Information from these women have led to the second arrest.

Dobrowolski is now facing a total to 18 counts of sexual assault, 10 counts of voyeurism, 12 counts of breach of court order, one count of child exploitation, one count of production of child pornography, and one count of possession of child porn.

The child-related charges refer to incidents involving a 17-year-old female.

Police have also referred 28 cases of potential professional misconduct to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

More to come.

Source: John Matisz, “London psychiatrist now facing 18 counts of sexual assault,” Metro London, April 15, 2013.


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