LA psychiatrist Ruby Siddiqui surrenders license on charge of sexual misconduct, more

On February 12, 2012, psychiatrist Ruby Siddiqui surrendered her license to the Medical Board of California, after a Board-appointed evaluator found that she impaired and unable to safely practice medicine.

According to the state’s documents, the Board became concerned about Siddiqui when she telephoned them in June 2011 to report to them an attempted lawsuit against her for sexual harassment. Licensed health care practitioners are required to report legal actions against them to the Board. On the call, Siddiqui is reported to have spoken in an illogical, disjointed and confusing manner, an admitted to conduct that violates the state Medical Practice Act.

The Board initiated an investigation of Siddiqui.

A Board investigator interviewed Siddiqui in her home on July 26 and 27, 2011 and noted that her home was in disarray, cluttered, and smelled strongly of cat urine. Siddiqui lives with 22 cats. The investigator established that Siddiqui’s disorganized and illogical speaking patterns were widespread. It was found that Siddiqui engaged in sexual relationships with patients (the Board’s Stipulated Surrender document details one case in particular). Additionally, it was found that she does not keep medical records although she treats patients. Further, it was found that she prescribes drugs without conduct any examinations and at times freely prescribes based solely on patient requests. Lastly, Siddiqui bills patients’ insurance companies for weekly visits, regardless of whether she sees them.

Source: Stipulated Surrender of License and Order in the Matter of the Accusation Against and Ruling and Order on Petition for Interim Suspension Order in the Matter of the Petition for Interim Suspension Order Against Ruby Siddiqui, M.D., License No. C50414, Agency Case No. 17-2011-216150, OAH Case No. 2012040380, Medical Board of California.

2 responses to “LA psychiatrist Ruby Siddiqui surrenders license on charge of sexual misconduct, more

  1. Matthew Wilcox

    Dr. Siddiqui is truly a good soul who made poor judgement; psychiatrists are human too!
    As a former patient and witness to her personal “downfall,” I know that she had true compassion for her patients…

    “Judge not, that ye be judged. For with what judgment, ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”. ( Matthew 7:1-2)

    • Uh, hey…Matthew: We don’t sit in judgment of anyone here. The facts speak for themselves and were published, in this case, by the State of California. So, if you want to get all high and righteous, contact the Medical Board of California. All we did is summarize the disciplinary action that was taken against the good doctor.

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