Virginia suspends social worker Elizabeth Balyeat for sex with former client

On October 30, 2012, the Virginia Board of Social Work suspended indefinitely the license of clinical social worker Elizabeth Balyeat (a.k.a. Elizabeth Klug) for a period of no less than nine months. According to the Board’s order, Balyeat counseling a client at her private practice from December 2010 through May 2011, when counseling was terminated. In June 2011, she entered into a personal relationship with the former client, which progressed to a romantic and then sexual relationship. Balyeat failed to document a treatment plan, the termination process or discharge summary in the clinical record.

One response to “Virginia suspends social worker Elizabeth Balyeat for sex with former client

  1. Sue – How dare you delete my previous post under this post. Its unfortunate that you don’t have the integrity to allow people to defend their character on your farce of a blog. I am posting it again.

    Based upon the name of this website alone, you are characterizing every case decision and every incident as rape when in fact they are not all rapes. Your sight implies that people who have undergone disciplinary action via a state licensing board are criminals. There is a huge difference between a person who has been convicted of a crime and a person who has been disciplined by a supervisory board. Supervisory boards such as the Virginia Board of Social Work do not follow the rules of law,the rules of evidence, they do not hold the accused to the standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    My wife, Elizabeth Balyeat is not a criminal, she is not a rapist. In order to be considered one she has to first be accused of a crime, then offered due process, and be convicted. None of these things have happened, no crime occured. Yet any one browsing this website will automatically assume she is some kind of criminal based on the fact that she has been reported on Pshycrapereporter.

    We have not denied our relationship to anyone. We stood up and told the truth, owned what happened between us, even after attorneys and others advised us to lie, and because of our honesty Elizabeth has been damned by your website.

    I was not a vulnerable person in need of psycho-therapy who was victimized by a predatory practitioner. That we found each other was a miracle! I was person in need of a 3rd party to help me through a crisis. That person was Elizabeth. We were two people who were both going through a horrible time in our lives. We both finally, after 20 years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands our our former spouses, were finally standing up and leaving. Outside of her control I learned a great deal about Elizabeth and her personal life. Through a chance meeting with her ex-husband in a training class. I saw his true character as an abuser up close, before I connected him to Elizabeth. I identified his more turpitude (because of his inappropriate behavior towards women in the class he did not get his EMT certification). And when I asked, and she answered that this classmate was her ex-husband, I found that she was in every bit of a crisis as I was. I am a firefighter, I’m in as caring, and helping profession as Elizabeth is. We pulled each other out of the dirt, we helped each other survive and thrive.

    When my vengeful ex-wife learned about our relationship she was cunning enough to manipulate the Virginia Board of Social Work as an instrument for her revenge. She used a kernel of truth and elaborated upon it with a plethora of lies and deceit to claim that Elizabeth seduced me and destroyed our “happy” marriage. My marriage was over long before Elizabeth came into the picture. Yet the board bought her claims hook,line, and sinker, and allowed itself be used as a tool. I’m sure my ex-wife smiles everyday knowing that Elizabeth has been labeled a “rapist” by you and your website.

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