UK psych nurse accused of sexual assault of female patients

A male nursing assistant told a mental health patient that he would put her “in the book” if she did not allow him to sexually assault her, a court heard today.

Foday Chorr, 46, is accused of sexual assaulting two female patients at Eastbourne District General Hospital  between June 10 and 21 last year.

Opening the case at Lewes Crown Court, prosecutor Michael Riley described the two women as “vulnerable” and having “mental health issues”.

In one incident, the victim said Chorr walked into her room and asked her what relaxed her, Mr Riley said.

She answered that when she had been pregnant she liked to have her feet massaged and Chorr offered to do this for her.

Mr Riley told the jury: “(The victim) said she didn’t want him to, that she was just answering the question.

“He said he would put her ‘in the book’ and report her as being obstructive… if she didn’t let him do it.”

Mr Riley said Chorr, from Shropshire, then proceeded to massage her feet and move his hands up and down her legs.

He added: “She felt she had to comply with the threat… he was a nurse at the hospital, she was a mental patient. She froze, she was shocked.”

Chorr then kissed her before leaving.

The following night, a similar incident occurred except that, when he touched her legs, his hands moved further towards her thigh.

The victim reported the incident after she was discharged and was asked to fill out a questionnaire about her four-day stay at the hospital.

In a second case, the victim made her complaint hours after it happened, Mr Riley said. She was in her bed reading when Chorr came into her room late at night, the jury was told.

Chorr said he was going to tickle her and she said she did not want him to. He then tickled her feet and moved his hand up and down her leg before leaving.

Mr Riley said: “She said she felt scared and shocked.” Chorr then came back a second time and touched the victim on her thigh.

On his third visit that night, the victim awoke to find her covers off, her nightgown lifted up and Chorr standing at her bedside, while she had no underwear on.

He told her to “cover up”.

Mr Riley said on the third occasion, the victim claimed Chorr also touched her leg and pubic area.

“She was scared and didn’t think she could do anything about it before (Chorr) had left.”

Chorr, of Shorncliffe Drive, Shrewsbury, denies five counts of sexual assault on the two female patients while working as a psychiatric nursing assistant at the hospital.

The trial, before Judge Richard Haywood, continues.

Source: Eastbourne psychiatric nurse sexually assaulted two patients, court hears, The Argus, September 24, 2012.


2 responses to “UK psych nurse accused of sexual assault of female patients

  1. Having had professional experience of the department of psychiatry in supporting a client with mental health issues, I have to say this unit is the most disgraceful and unprofessional place I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Not only do they practice institutional abuse, they have been subject of complaints and safeguarding alerts, most of which are upheld but if they can lie their way out of complaints made by clients, they do. they put to many clients lives at risk and carry out unprofessional and unethical practices. A ward sister only recently refused a client to allow her assistance dog to meet her at the unit upon her discharge despite her bosses having authorised this due to having no assistance dog policy in place. a client went to the police to lodge an assault charge against staff who left her covered in bruising. Clients are routinely shouted at, bullied, harassed and judged in very negative manners by some staff members who really should not be in the job they are in. Only another case in the last year or so ago surfaced of another nurse being struck of the nursing register for having a relationship with a client. how many more vulnerable people are they going to affect in such a negative and harmful way?

    • Amelia Pembroke

      Have to agree with the above person. This Department is unfit for purpose and the sooner the local authority come to realise this, the sooner we can protect the most vulnerable members of society.

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