Finishing the job: Patient sues psychologist who was recently criminally convicted for sexually exploiting her

An Oak Creek psychologist convicted earlier this month of sexually exploiting a patient, has now been named in a negligence action by the same woman.

A jury found Jeffrey Adamczak guilty Sept. 2 of beginning a nearly year long affair with Sabrina Eder in Feburary 2005, when she had been seeing him for psychotherapy about three years and was still his patient.

Adamczak claimed the sexual relationship didn’t start until a month later, after he had closed Eder’s file and ended the therapist-patient relationship.

His attorney, Gerald Boyle, used the fact Eder,40, had retained noted personal injury firm Murphy & Prochthauser last year to suggest she was out to destroy Adamczak , 48, and collect money. She said she only turned him in last year to professional regulators and then police after she suspected he was again having sexual contact with patients.

Normally, a plaintiff would have to file a negligence action within three years. Eder’s suit says her time frame is extended because throughout their sexual relationship, Adamczak instructed Eder not to reveal it to anyone.

The civil claim, filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, seeks unspecified damages. It names Adamczak and his insurance carrier as defendants.

Adamczak testified at trial that he is in the process of becoming licensed to practice psychology in Nevada. His Wisconsin license remains current. He faces possible prison time at when he is sentenced Oct. 13.

Source: Bruce Vielmetti, “Convicted therapist now faces negligence suit from patient/lover,” Journal Sentinel, September 13, 2011.


One response to “Finishing the job: Patient sues psychologist who was recently criminally convicted for sexually exploiting her

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    Thank you so much for this blog! :o)

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