Former patients testify against psychologist charged with sexual exploitation

Several women testified Tuesday against an Oak Creek psychologist charged with having sex with one of them while in a therapy relationship.

Jeffrey Adamczak, 48. was charged last year with two counts of sexual exploitation by a therapist for contacts with two patients, but prosecutors amended the complaint to focus on just one, a woman who testified Tuesday that she had been in therapy about 18 months with Adamczak before he initiated a sexual encounter that turned into a nearly yearlong affair.

The woman, whom Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet ordered not to be fully identified in news reports as a possible sexual assault victim, said she eventually came to feel like “the other woman” when Adamczak did not follow through on his promise to leave his wife.

She said that after they first had sex in his office, he told her that she could no longer be his patient, “on paper,” but that she continued going to sessions for most of 2005 that included some therapy and some sex, until she chose to end the sexual relationship in early 2006. But she said she later started her own business with Adamczak’s help.

Her testimony, and cross-examination by Adamczak’s attorney, Gerry Boyle, continues Tuesday afternoon.

Another former patient testified that she was Adamczak’s patient when she was 17 and 18, and that he made her feel like a prude for saying she had no interest in having sex with her boyfriend, and for suggesting she wear sandals with a heel to make her look sexier.

Another woman said she didn’t go back to Adamczak after he asked how she got along with her husband, and asked her, “Do you undress him with those crazy eyes like you’re undressing me right now?”

Both those women said Adamczak never touched them or tried to contact them outside therapy, but that they felt compelled to contact prosecutors after reading that he had been charged last August.

Another former patient said she had sexual contact with Adamczak one time in 2004. That incident was charged in the initial complaint but later dropped.

Source: Bruce Vielmetti, “Women testify against former therapist,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 30, 2011.

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