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French psychiatrist sentenced to eight years prison; told patients it was part of treatment

A former psychiatrist in the Loire-Atlantique region of France was sentenced to eight years in prison on Friday for raping three of his patients. Charles Caillé, 68, told female patients the abuse was part of their treatment.

He was tried for rapes committed against three women in his care between 1998 and 2000.

A fourth patient filed a complaint against Caillé in October 2009, but the case could not be brought to trial since the alleged rapes took place more than 10 years earlier.

“He’s a liar and a manipulator but also a pervert and predator,” said prosecuting attorney Yves Gambert. “He used his intelligence to satisfy his sexual desires.”

Caillé admitted “mistakes” but denied raping his patients, claiming that the sex was consensual.

“I ask my victims for forgiveness, I’m not proud of myself,” Caillé told the court, sobbing, as the jury prepared to deliberate its verdict. “I want to thank my patients for accusing me. It enabled me to see how far wrong I had gone.”

Source: “Former psychiatrist jailed for raping patients,” RFI, March 18, 2011.