State fines psychologist Brent Roderick Smith; took “redemptive” approach with colleague who engaged in sex with patient

On August 19, 2010, the Michigan Department of Community Health Bureau of Health Professions (MDCH) imposed a $1,000 fine upon psychologist and professional counselor Brent Roderick Smith for violation of general duty/negligence.

According to the MDCH, in November 2008, Smith counseled a mother and her two children (a son and daughter), as well as supervised a licensed professional counselor named Brent Chilcote.

In late November of that year the daughter told the mother that she’d been involved in a sexual relationship with Chilcote when she was receiving counseling from him. Chilcote admitted the relationship when confronted about it by Smith in early December 2008.

Smith advised the mother he would not report Chilcote to the MDCH, but rather would take a “redemptive” approach to the situation.  Smith urged the mother to believe in redemption and forgiveness.

In Spring 2009, after becoming aware that Chilcote was slated to provide counseling services at a local school, the mother shared with Smith information she’d heard about the possibility that Chilcote may have committed indiscretions with other patients and her concern for the school children he would be in contact with.

Smith dismissed her concerns and advised he would stil not report Chilcote to the MDCH.  During and October 2009 meeting with an MDCH investigator, Smith advised that he did not believe he was required to report Chilcote’s conduct and advised that as his supervisor, he believed he appropriately dealt with the situation (the “redemptive” approach).

Source: Consent Order and Stipulation in the Matter of Brent Roderick Smith, Psy.D., License No. 63-01-008782, Complaint No. 63-09-119939, State of Michigan Department of Community Health.

3 responses to “State fines psychologist Brent Roderick Smith; took “redemptive” approach with colleague who engaged in sex with patient

  1. Brent Chilcote was counseling my teenaged daughter in 2002 when she told me one day that he (her counselor AND a married man) had asked her out on a date with him. I went back there with her and yelled at him loudly enough for everyone to hear about his criminal behaviour. I would have reported him, but they make it extremely difficult to do that, and I could not get through the process. If his supervisor had done his duty in the first place, innocent children would not have suffered.

  2. Is this the Brent Roderick Smith who has lived in the Flint area, such as Davison?

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