State charges psychiatrist Richard T. Adamson with patient sex, disclosure violations

On August 10, 2010, the State of Washington Department of Health (DOH) issued a Statement of Charges on psychiatrist Richard T. Adamson, alleging sexual misconduct, disclosure by a health care provider and unprofessional conduct.  According to the DOH’s document:

  • Adamson provided medication management and psychotherapy for “Patient A” from July 2004 to November 2008.  Early in therapy, “A” revealed that she had been sexually abused by her father.
  • Adamson violated doctor-patient boundaries by providing business consultation services to “A,” herself a family practice physician, from September 2006 until October 2008.
  • In mid-November 2008, Adamson and “A” attended a four-day conference in Colorado during which Adamson violated professional boundaries by dining with “A” and sharing personal information with her about his wife’s suicide and by kissing her in his office on their return from the conference.
  • On November 21, 2008, Adamson and “A” met at his office for a final psychotherapy session during which he encouraged “A” to seek treatment with someone else, then engaged in sexual intercourse with “A.”
  • From December 2008 to June 2009, “A” frequently met Adamson at his office and they would have sex.  “A” left her husband and moved into an apartment, where Adamson also engaged in sex with “A.”
  • The sexual relationship between Adamson and “A” ended sometime in June 2009 after Adamson told “A” that during their relationship he had been obsessed with another younger married woman and had engaged in “phone sex” and “instant messaging sex” with her.

Adamson told “A” that during their relationship he had been obsessed with another younger married woman and had engaged in “phone sex” and “instant messaging sex” with her.

Adamson treated “Patient B” on and off between September 1989 and January 2010.  The DOH’s document alleges:

  • In April or May 2009, Adamson disclosed to “A” that “B,” who had been the appointment before hers, had been talking about her in therapy, had a crush on her and wanted to ask her out.
  • In April or May 2009, “B” met “A” in the waiting room of Adamson’s office.  “B” developed a friendship with “A” and they saw one another socially until approximately November 2009.  In September 2009, “B” told Adamson that “A” had indicated she did not want to pursue a dating relationship with him.  “A” also told “B” that she had romantic feelings for another man whom she described as unrequited love interest.
  • Adamson violated doctor-patient boundaries when he (1) communicated to “B” that “A” was his patient and that he had a romantic relationship with her, (2) shared aspects of his personal life with “B” and (3) communicated to “A” information about the contents of his session with “B.”

Source: Statement of Charges in the Matter of the License to Practice as a Physician and Surgeon of Richard T. Adamson, M.D., License No. MD00019594, Case No. M2010-287, State of Washington Department of Health.

6 responses to “State charges psychiatrist Richard T. Adamson with patient sex, disclosure violations

  1. My Psychiatrist took advantage of a sexual problem I confided in him. He came onto me subtlely and ultimately we had sex. I reported it to different people and no one would listen. It was traumatizing but he was a hot sot MD at Princeton Medical Center, Princeton, NJ. I have a letter of admission from him that he fell in love with me and it was transference and counter transference. He wrote a check refunding the money I spent that I found in my mother’s vault after she passed away. It was never cashed. I asked him to refund it and he ignored me. Besides that, he assesses prospective police officers for behavioral problems and makes a determination for or against their employment. In addition to that, he works as an expert witness as a Psychiatrist in judicial cases. I guess he got the last laugh.

  2. The state just posted more findings in this case. There is now a patient “C” and “D”.

  3. This predator has finally been suspended by the state of washington. More and more victims are appearing.

  4. The story that Cara tells is really awful.
    Dr Adamson was reported in December of 2009. It has taken this long for the state to be able to take any action against him.

  5. This sickening predator has had his license revoked. It’s about time. He is a sociopath who, unfortunately, will never be able to understand how much damage he has caused.

  6. Richard T. Adamson (former MD – license revoked) has started a “mediation practice” and “The Great Dog Project.” These new “ventures” give him access to women for the purposes of taking sexual and emotional advantage of them.

    From his Great Dog Project description: “Phase 1 calls for interviews with employees in order to obtain background and to solicit canine candidates for the book . Please review the calendar below for available times. If a time is not marked BUSY, it is most likely available, and you may email me to arrange a location and schedule that works for you. If a weekend or evening time is better for you, please let me know so your preferences can be accommodated. Meetings can be arranged either at the Great Dog facilities, next door at Bark, or any other location that you prefer.”


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