Psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani surrenders license on charge of sex with patients

A Colton psychiatrist surrendered his license to practice medicine on Friday after being accused of having sex with patients and wrongfully prescribing drugs to patients with histories of drug abuse.

Gurmeet Singh Multani, who has been a licensed doctor since 1990, turned over his license to the state medical board.

Medical board officials said Multani had sex with a patient he was treating for depression and sexual trauma. He provided counseling to the woman between July 2006 and March 2007.

The patient said Multani “paid her various amounts of money for sex, including one occasion in which he paid her $2,000 for sex,” according to an accusation by the medical board.

Multani also gave her vehicles during their relationship.

Erin Muellenberg, Multani’s attorney, said he has denied all of the allegations, but decided to turn over his license and retire to avoid a stressful, expensive legal battle.

“The decision was simply one of convenience and to avoid stress by not going through what is involved in a trial of this matter,” Muellenberg said.

“It’s clearly been a strain on him. That was part of what he looked at and part of what his family looked at in making the decision that it was not worth the fight.”

Multani is a community servant who treated the homeless mentally ill who couldn’t pay for care, Muellenberg said.

“He was very saddened by (the allegations) and is still looking forward to serving his community in other ways,” she said.

He had sex with another woman between February 2007 and February 2008 while providing her with marital counseling, the medical board report said.

Investigators said the patient and Multani “met at various places to have sexual intercourse. The places included a hotel in Ontario and a house owned by (Multani) in Redlands.”

The woman’s husband was also receiving counseling from Multani for marital difficulties, but he treated him separately.

Medical board investigators discovered Multani prescribed narcotics to a woman with a 10-year history of addiction to drugs such as Vicodin and codeine.

During an appointment, the patient told investigators Multani touched her legs and other parts of her body “for his own sexual gratification,” the report said.

Multani prescribed drugs to another patient with a history of drug addiction.

Medical board officials said that patient died in December 2009 due to liver failure from acetaminophen toxicity.

But Muellenberg said Multani had surveillance cameras installed in every room where he visited with patients and no video evidence exists proving he engaged in inappropriate activity in his office.

“There was never an issue that anything could have happened,” Muellenberg said. “It’s just unfortunate that the medical board decided to take this position and the claimants decided to go after him.”

The medical board charged Multani with numerous California Business and Professions code violations including sexual abuse, failure to maintain adequate records and gross negligence. It’s unknown if Multani will be charged criminally.

Source: Melissa Pinion-Whitt and Michael J. Sorba. “Colton psychiatrist accused of having sex with patients,” Redlands Daily Facts, October 4, 2010.


17 responses to “Psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani surrenders license on charge of sex with patients

  1. Catherine Calhoun

    I was treated by Dr. Multani from July 2007 until June 2010 when I realized I was being treated as a lab rat in one of his studies for the drug Saphris. I continued to decompensate and he just told me to continue Saphris. I paid $750.00 to be part of this study because Saphris in his words was the new wonder drug to treat treatment resistant depression which I suffer from. I want my money back!!!!

  2. anonymous doctor

    Catherine – you PAID to be part of a study?!?!?! Please call the California Medical Board at (916) 263-2382 . Please.

  3. It is a well known fact that Multani has been having sex with patients and a dual relationship with countless others for many, many years. He once boasted that his cousin took the medical exam for him! We were all shocked at how little he knew about the psychiatric field. We knew soon or later he would be brought up on charges. Shame on any professional still in association with him.

    • The Multani story has received the most comments, hands down. “We were all shocked at how little he knew about the psychiatric field.” Funny. Really, how much do you need to know other than how to use a pen and a prescription pad? : )

  4. For information

    Wow, got a bill for $40.00 from Multani’s office. When called the office to dispute, discovered after commenting on the Multani Story I read here and heard some from current Psychiatrist, that I was actually speaking to Multani. Did not mean to comment to him, thought I was speaking to an office person. The man started getting all aggitated and that is when I found out it was actually him. Embarassing! I was just trying to question a small charge but really felt needed to say something about the way he never knew my name and just filled out a prescription – I could have said I was on anything and he probably would have wrote it. So I guess for information Multani is answering phones at his Colton office doing his own bill collecting. Wow!

  5. Does anyone know if he is going to be charged criminally? He should be subjected to the same laws as everyone else is. Gives me the chills knowing we were under his care for so long, makes you question everything. At least we have a good doctor now.

  6. Wow. I worked a little bit for him at one point and to be honest, if I didn’t know him personally, I wouldn’t have believed this.

  7. Wow! I was totally shocked to read this. I work in a field with children that were treated by Multani and we joke at times about him prescribing whatever the kids told him that was best for them but never thought that it could actually be true. I also was treated by him and was looking for some past medical records. That’s how I ran across this blog smh.

  8. I was his patient for 5 years before he hit on me and asked me to meet him and just hang out. I agreed, and it turned into a 1 year affair!!! He was always very respectful towards me and even gave me a promise ring asking me to wait for him to leave his wife. I soon realized it was all lies and I left him. He told me I was the only patient he had a relationship with. I think it’s HORRIBLE what he has done and feel taken advantage of. Its a good thing he went back to India or I’d schedule a not so pleasant visit with him and LET HIM HAVE IT!!!!

  9. This criminal actually was allowed to leave the country? And head to India. He needs to be brought back to the US(if this is true) and he needs to be tried, found guilty and put in Prison. I’m a 34yr old male and he didn’t do anything sexual however; his practice didn’t just border on the criminal…it sounds like he just did it and gets to get away with it. Maybe it’s better because in India when they find this out, he’s not going to be tried they will just execute his ass or whatever they do in that 3rd world sh*t hole. I can’t believe this guy just gets to bone out, scott free. F that!

    • how could he have treated or prescribed drugs, his license was surrendered in 10/2010. He’s still at his office in Colton. I just spoke to him….. it wasn’t until I googled him that I found all this information….

      • Hi,

        You spoke to Gurmeet or Harbans? It appears they share(d) the same office. If you are absolutely sure that Dr. Gurmeet Multani is still practicing, then I strongly urge you to file a complaint with the Medical Board of California.


      • To the best of my knowledge, Gurmeet Multani is not practicing medicine. He was still at the Colton office last I spoke with him (over a year ago, if not two), but he was working on the “recruiting” end (in a nutshell) of volunteers for trials. His family & their practice would has too much at stake for him to practice without a license. He did tell me that “another” Dr. Multani is working psych there, if I wanted to see someone. (I don’t need a shrink now, my GP prescribes me what I need.)

        I just looked up his Facebook page; it says the following:

        “Program Manager · Colton, California
        Helps physicians find the right psychiatric medication for the patient. the test is called Refrenced EEG and is based on biomarkers specific to each medication on the EEG”

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