3 responses to “Four states have revoked Sharon K. Wollard’s license as a clinical social worker (therapist) for sex, fraud charges

  1. You have zero personal knowledge in this matter, and I am abhorred that you would assassinate someone without knowing all of the facts. The person involved was not a client, but a former client, making the retaliatory claim many years after the fact. These are not separate instances, but one instance, and the licenses were held simultaneously and therefore revoked in succession. While I understand that you may have had a situation that has caused you to create this website, and I know that abuse in these types of relationships takes place, you would not want someone to make judgements and assumptions concerning your actions, and neither do people that have been in this situation. These people often loose everything they have built their life around. Please take a moment and ponder when you post such entries, because you are not just warning people (most of these people can no longer practice and will never be in a position of having clients), but you are destroying any chance that they may rebuild their lives in other careers.

    • I am truly sorry Ms. Carlson…that you have failed to realize that Psych Rape Reporter does not originate the news. We merely repost existing news story or summarize and post the information contained in state licensing board disciplinary documents. So, if you have such a huge problem with “assassination” and “judgments and assumptions,” then you should take them up at once with the source of the news: The licensing boards who have taken disciplinary action on Ms. Wollard. Most such boards make the information available in monthly or other routine reports but most don’t go to great lengths to ensure that the public knows that the information is available. Psych Rape Reporter simply makes it more accessible. If you’re a friend or colleague of Ms. Wollard’s, then you’re biased.

      In short, this blog has made no judgments or assumptions, we have merely re-stated what has already been published by one or more state health care licensing agencies.



    • I have personal knowledge, Ms. Carlson, so let me fill you in. Ms. Wollard is sick and has no business, whatsoever, working in close contact with clients or those in search of a healthy dose of therapy. She is an opportunist who preys on those she considers weak. Therein lies the problem. The weak become strong. And she’s not above dragging other professionals in on her defense, unbeknownst to them, that she’s a narcissitic liar. And not a shred of acknowledgment or remorse for what she has done. So, Ms. Carlson, this website serves many purposes, but for me, it’s piece of mind that she can not continue doing to others, what she did to me. I was Complaint #2.

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