Psychiatrist Frank J. Ilardi: licenses revoked in three countries

On January 22, 2010, the state of Alaska denied Frank Ilardi’s petition for the restoration of his license, which he surrendered in October 2006 on charges of “…harrassing, disruptive, or abusive behavior; engaging in unprofessional conduct, in sexual conduct, or in lewd or immoral conduct in connection with the delivery of professional services to patients and violating the code of ethics.”

Specifically, in November 2002, Ilardi was working at Charter North Star Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska.  On several occasions, Ilardi exposed his erect penis to a female nurse at the hospital and forcefully attempted to have sex with her.  Despite her objections, Llardi touched her sexually before she managed to escape.

On June 25, 2007, the State of New York, Department of Health revoked the llardi’s license based on the disciplinary action taken on him in Alaska.

Following a hearing  by the Alaska State Medical Board, Llardi voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine in Alaska.

The New York Board held that Ilardi’s surrender to practice medicine in another state, because of actions that would constitute misconduct under the laws of New York, were grounds to revoke his medical license in the State of New York.
Ilardi was also denied licensure in Maine and his licenses were cancelled in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
Source:  Entry on Frank J. Ilardi, as listed in Summary of Board Actions 2010, published by the Alaska State Medical Board and Determination and Order in the Matter of Frank J. Ilardi, M.D., B.P.M.C. #07-132, State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

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