Psychiatrist Graham Craig struck off after sex with patient

A PSYCHIATRIST who had a two-year sex romp with a patient almost four decades younger than him has been struck off the medical register, the Sunday Sun can reveal.

Dr Graham Craig was 61 when he had the affair with the 23-year-old woman – known as Patient A – who had been admitted to his clinic for severe depression.

It is not the first time Dr Craig, now 72 – whose area of practice is Newcastle – had an “inappropriate relationship” with a patient. He was found guilty of unprofessional conduct for an affair with a woman 10 years ago.

Now after a week-long hearing, a General Medical Council panel has erased his name from the medical register and suspended his registration.

A statement issued by the GMC said: “The Panel is of the view that Dr Craig continues to pose a risk to patient safety.”

The affair first started in 1999 when Dr Craig was working in Adelaide, Australia, when Patient A went to his clinic.

It ended two years later when he moved to the UK after being suspended over the relationship with the second patient.

It wasn’t until 2006 that the woman reported Dr Craig, who is understood to have been a locum for the Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland Mental Health Trust until five years ago.

The Manchester hearing heard how Dr Craig kissed Patient A, brushed her hair and massaged her shoulders during an appointment before embarking on an affair, with the pair often having sex in the counselling room twice a week.

Source: Coreena Ford, “Psychiatrist struck off after sex with patient,” Sunday Sun, June 20, 2010.


24 responses to “Psychiatrist Graham Craig struck off after sex with patient

  1. This man used his profession to prey on young women continuously and allegedly has admitted to having sex with up to 30 women that were under his care in hospital at the time! Should have been struck off years ago. How much damaged has he caused through his life of self indulgence?

  2. Another female victim from Adelaide

    I’m glad that Dr Graham Craig has finally gotten what he deserves!!!
    As I am another of his female patients that he sexually abused back in 1998. I nearly took my own life because of him as well. He was calculating and manipulative to me.
    The damage he has done to me will haunt me for life.

  3. Another female victim from Adelaide

    Also how was he allowed to practice in England? After all the damaged women he left behind in Adelaide, South Australia, I find it unbelievable!!

    Another female victim

    • Another victim

      I do know that he spent a lifetime abusing women – physically, mentally, verbally and made some of them pregnant. He is a serial rapist with a degree in how to manipulate woman (and others). The list of what he did goes on and on – young girls, married women, patients, there was never any boundaries for him.

  4. It is very sad to here that this person has betrayed so many women. It has stirred up a lot of emotion in me as this man saved my life. I’m really lost inside and am having so many mixed feelings now. I guess his intrusion has effected us all in one way or the other.

  5. Another patient from Adelaide Clinic
    I am so saddened to read this article. As Michael has written this has stirred up so much emotion in me as this man also saved my life. Yes he did make me feel so safe and secure. I came face to face with Dr Craig a few months ago here in Adelaide. Yes he is back!!! To my surprise he didn’t recognise me and is suffering from some sort of memory loss or is he??? Reading this article has made me feel sooo sick and confused.
    How many more people will feel the same way I do???

  6. Another female victim from Adelaide

    If he is back in Adelaide? I would like to know about it. He escaped justice here in South Australia by fleeing the country before Crownlaw even had the chance to prosecute him. He just withdrew his registration to practice Psychiatry and said that he was retiring. He lied and went to live in England as reported and practiced as a Locum there, until he was found out.
    I’m not surprised that he wouldn’t want to recognise a former female patient from Adelaide. He probably can’t remember who he abused and had sex with or not? Don’t fall for his tactics. Graham Craig should have been brought to proper justice years ago. Remember he is a very clever man and knows exactly how to manipulate people. He is chillingly clever!!!

  7. I don’t understand how he was able to go to England and practice. Did they not do background checks.
    If everyone that has their liscense revoked can go overseas and practice
    what the???? How is one able to put trust in the so called professionals???

    • There is some sort of disconnect between Australia and the UK, as Craig would not fly one place for the other and take up practice again, undetected. Google psychiatrist Kolathur Unni, for instance.

  8. Residing in Victor Harbour SA
    I hope he doesn’t come face to face with a fallen victim
    Adelaide is a very small place!

  9. Another female victim from Adelaide

    I think after what I have read I shall be going for a trip to Victor Harbour, and yes Adelaide is a very small place. All the Psychiatrists here are shocked and disgusted by his behaviour. I sincerely regret not reporting him far earlier as my then Psychiatrist urged me to do. However at the time I was young, newly married and afraid of his authority. If only I had spoken out earlier I could have prevented the 23 year old young woman back in 1999 from being yet another victim. I was naive enough back then to actually believe I was the only one. He told me this had never happened before in his entire career. Yeah right, NOT! Back then I actually believed in him. To the point where I would have given my life for him. It still makes me angry that he has escaped justice. He should be doing some jail time for all the damage he has done to me and all his other female victims!

  10. khalil[knot well,dear!]jureidini

    Trouble is, with all this sudden controversy, any conversation I have, and any questions I would like replied to, have to do with other things, and, as far as I can tell, nothing about Mr. Craig’s de-registration…more about my fleeing from his ‘care’ and running to Glenside from the ‘comforts’ of Fullerton Park private, and furthering my ‘career’ as a patient for another 12-15 years…I really cannot just go on about it unless someone out there can convince me its alright to pursue answers outside of my personal intuitions, insights, and ‘recovered’ memories, or do I remain grateful for my life, such as it is, and not court any more disaster…?

    • Another female victim from Adelaide

      I think that whatever it is that is bothering you about Dr. Craig’s treatment of you should be pursued. I would think as an ex psychiatrist myself that it would be quite important (if it was me) to know what my history is? If there are some things that you can’t remember? I’m sure that there would be a way to access your own file from your time when you were his patient.
      I believe that you should follow your own intuition as that is probably your psyche’s way of telling you to do something!

      I too have gotten a lot better since I ceased seeing him back in the late 1990’s and started seeing an ethical and very caring psychiatrist. Nobody wants to be a professional patient but I too back then seemed to be on my way to becoming “professional patient”. Thank goodness I did not!

      Good luck with pursuing your history and getting some answers.
      From an ex- female patient/victim of his of which sadly there are far too many of us.

    • Hi If you have things on your mind re dr Craig i sugest you bring it out,chances are someone else has the same issues

  11. What about people who have extant questions for Mr. Craig that have nothing to do with these issues of de-registration…in fact, issues which are much more ‘tame’ by comparison, but which could still be crucial to my correct unraveling of my own histories. Remember, I feel like I could still be ‘punished’ for having got well with no medication or hospitalisations for 20 years, let alone the arguments for having gotten ‘ill’ Remember, ladies, he is not Sean Connery nor ever professed to be.

  12. Another female victim from Adelaide

    I wish you all the best Edgar I truly do! I am sure that there is no way that you will be punished for getting better. Remember what you are thinking and fearing about getting well is just a “cognitive distortion”. Have you ever done any Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Because if you have you would know that your fears are just “catastrophising”, “fortune telling” and “mind reading”. You are to be congratulated for getting so much better on your own that is a wonderful thing for you to have happened to you!

    However perhaps you have been suffering from “repressed memory syndrome” too? I know from first hand experience how awful that can be as it happened to me a bit. However with the understanding and care of a very skilled psychiatrist/psychotherapist as well as my own psychological studies I retained so many of my lost memories. Of course some of them were horrific but some of them were wonderful too.

    It was great to get back years of my life that has previously been erased not only because I had a breakdown but also because of the overuse of many strong psychoactive drugs which I used to take many years ago. All thanks to Dr. G. Craig. He was the one who prescribed them all. I nearly ended up an addict on some of them too. I later then had to detox off them all after I decided to stop seeing him and it was a dreadful experience to go through both psychologically and physically. So if some of your memories are lost because of being over medicated in your time as a psychiatric patient? Well then I suspect that could be perhaps why you have lost some or your history and memories.

    If I were you I would pursue it but only with a psychotherapist that you can really trust. Whatever damage Dr. G. Craig did to you? I feel sincerely sorry to hear that even if it may seem tame compared to others stories. That is not the point. If it has damaged you and affected your life to the point where parts of it are missing, well I think that’s just as bad as what others are telling you. Don’t compare your experience with others but try and conquer it. That is the answer I believe. That’s why I see myself as a Survivor no longer a victim anymore.

    By the way one thing I must mention what is somewhat insulting to me and probably others too was the comment about him “not being Sean Connery etc.” The reason that is upsetting is because what he looked like had nothing to do with it. It’s to do with the fact that psychotherapy only works because of “transference” and with him the “counter transference” stepped way over the usual ethical guidelines of psychotherapy. In psychotherapy we transfer our feelings onto the therapist. As that is how psychotherapy works. It may be as a father figure, or someone we hated or someone that we loved in our lives etc.

    Ethical psychiatrists are trained to deal with counter transference and to be careful with it. It’s almost like psychiatry 101 to always respect and be careful of overstepping the boundaries with a patient. Even if a psychiatrist is genuinely sexually attracted to a patient they are not supposed to act on it ever. That is when they are supposed to disclose this to whomever their own supervisory psychiatrist is.

    All psychiatrists have their own sessions regularly where they let off steam and are given support from their colleagues or their own supervisor about such problems. He did none of these things obviously and just acted on his own impulses for his own sexual gratification. By the way I have studied most of a psychology degree myself and also hold a Diploma in the Social Sciences amongst other things so I actually do know what I am talking about here.

    The patient is in such a vulnerable position whereas the psychiatrist holds the balance of power and authority always. As this is always an unbalanced relationship their can never be equality between the patient and psychotherapist. Thats why respecting the patients boundaries are always so very important. When there are strong loving feelings from a patient towards a therapist, they are supposed to help the patient deal with these feelings and why they are experiencing them? If that doesn’t work? They then supposed to refer the patient on to another psychotherapist.

    What Dr Graham Craig did though was to encourage the overstepping of therapeutic boundaries for his own eventual sexual gratification. In fact he was so clever that it is only in hindsight that I can see exactly how he did it far to easily too. But as I was young back then and quite naive I had no idea that he was grooming me. Just the same as a paedophile grooms a child that they plan on abusing. This is all so wrong for any Dr, Lawyer and many other Careers to ever do as they are in a fudiciary position and are supposed to have ethics when dealing with any client no matter who they are.

    Believe me it had nothing to do with his looks it had to do with building trust. Then as some young female patients like me would start to have feelings towards him after sharing so much of our lives with him and he being so supportive etc, we then became to trust him with our entire lives. Well at least I did I know that. Then the affection gets to the point where it becomes sexual which of course was greatly encouraged by him. Then eventually enacted upon by him. Then before I knew it we were engaging in sexual activity in his office. So believe me Sean Connery has nothing to do with it. I don’t even like Sean Connery in that way. lol

    I don’t know what you’ve heard from others as I don’t know them? However from my point of view it was a blatant misuse of his power and trust over a young vulnerable, attractive, fragile and mentally ill young woman like myself. What makes it even more tragic is that he is a very clever and gifted psychiatrist. If he hadn’t of been so u ethical to say the least. I believe that he could have cured me instead. Sadly he chose not to and obviously that changed the entire course of my life. As well as needing years of extra therapy with a very ethical and gifted psychiatrist. I was so lucky to have found such a great psychotherapist eventually.

    All the best with your recovering your memories! If you decide to pursue that path of your life. Be careful about any new psychotherapist that you may go to as one thing I have definitely learnt over the years is that there are good ones, excellent ones and sometimes some really bad ones. So if you ever feel that someone is not quite right for you? Then you always have the freedom to see someone else.

    Take care

    Female “Survivor” of Psychiatric Sexual Abuse”!

  13. it is now 2014 , and this the first time I have accessed this site since last , never expecting to have already elicited certain very understanding , compassionate , and concerned replies to my previous postings…by the way , I am a male ex- client…and I thank every one of those who , in 2013 , posted very articulate responses ,I wish I had the arguable benefits of remaining online to this site at that time…nonetheless , I guess I was implying a distorted defense of dr. Craig , specifically because I initially used to joke about my thinking of him as a Connery lookalike ,which he acknowledged ,let alone my mother’s hero worship of him at a distance…you see , he had saved my life , in a way , since I had previously been a situation in Sydney , at drama school , and ,after a drug scandal on campus , was carted off to first admission at callan parks inhospitable 1968 manifestations , at the time of the closing of investigations and the arrest of Hollywood hunk psychiatrist , Harry bailey , the Chelmsford deep sleep clinic , murders , and his worshipful colluding nurses…when I finally returned to Adelaide , it was into Craig ‘ s practice at a private hospital , where I had my first series of shock treatments , then another private hospital , where more shock treatment , and then an incident where an old patient in the next bed got up and began bearing down on me…my reporting of the incident to Craig the very next day elicited rather dismissive responses…to the point where for whatever convoluted reasons in my mind , I ran away down the road to the public hospital , and got admitted , maybe subconscious. Acting out of the first admission in Sydney…then began my psychiatric patient career in earnest , if you like , such that , when I finally extricated from a sixmonth sentence in Perth , jail and psych. Hospital , I attended a day clinic where I received more series of e.c.t …and,finally , went for a Christmas recovery trip with friends up the centre to Darwin , only two weeks before we got blown away by cyclone Tracy , and then back in Adelaide , more hospitalisations for more years , including two impacts from two cars , both legs broken( knot for the theatre )….I then , when reviewing my experiential wear and tear , recalled that , like others , I had enjoyed graham Craig when he was an Adelaide tonight star ,the singing psychiatrist, not realizing that he had also been an active member of the university footlights revue company’s , which I had worked with later , as a law jstudent who dropped out and went to the Sydney drama school…so knot knowing that many of my older student and graduate colleagues had worked with graham Craig also , but to this day , I doubt whether any of them would REALISE that he became my psychiatrist , for that long , and inI those kinds of circumstances…

  14. So , without at all wanting to adversely affect any other ex patients post traumatics , these are the only questions that I think about every day , regarding dr. Craig’s ‘ style’ , if you like…can anyone relate to the way , in private practice in the city , in which dr. Craig , protectively(?) and ‘magically’ produced a hypodermic from his jacket sleeve…that there seemed to be no effect whatsoever , that one didn’t know if one had been asleep nor for how long…the only imprinted memories are of an exchange I had with him , don’t remember what the context was , but his reply to whatever I said was ” you win some , you lose some…Khalil , you lost…” …later , when I asked him if he would ever explain what he meant by that , he replied , “…when you’re dead , Khalil , when you’re dead …” …I still believe these were a psychiatric component of therapeutic methodology,albeit questionable in light of these recent discoveries and the above testimonials…I have forgiven the man many times over , and would still hold him in friendly regard , though the complexities of his and his patients’ problems have rehashed , for better and worse , my own strivings to better remember , and to better acknowledge whatever else I , and others , have been on the ‘ outskirts of , let alone the witting and unwitting involvements , centrally and peripherally …perhaps I am speaking out of a psychic vacuum of my own exacerbation , but suffice to say that this sketchy autobiographical references to my own individual experiences , may elicit favorable responses , and then again I should perhaps save this for my own personally therapeutic writing of my memories ,both clarifying and vague , …hoping I live long enough for my stories to be contributive to the well being , recoveries , and happier futures of all other uniquely individual experiences of ‘ mental illnesses’ and ‘therapeutics’ …including any doctors whose careers we have furthered , within the matrices of presumed or questionable aspects of certain individual doctors …good luck , and brotherly love to all…

  15. I have now recalled one exchange I had with graham Craig…he said , YOU’RE THE END OF A LINE , KHAIL…..I SAYS , WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ….THEN , ” you win some , you lose some , Khail , you lost … ” …at the end of the session , I say , ” ARE YOU EVER GOING TO TELL ME WHAT YOU MEANT BY THAT ? ” …he says , ” WHENYOURE DEAD , KHAIL , WHEN YOU’RE DEAD … ” …

  16. Fiona Anderson

    It is astonishing how Graham Craig has so far successfully avoided prosecution for his appalling “treatment” of so many patients in Adelaide.
    I was a patient of his during 1976 to 1980. I spent about two and a half years in Fullerton Private Hospital in that time – mainly drugged so heavily that I have little recollection of that time of my life ( along with the ECT, Insulin Shock Therapy, and drug experimentation . . ).
    I was fortunate to find an ethical, caring and very patient Psychiatrist/therapist after leaving Graham’s “care” and have since studied at university and have a good career.
    So sorry to hear the negative impact Graham Craig has had on so many people’s lives.
    I have heard Graham is suffering ?? “Dementia”.
    Those of us who knew this man well are very aware of what a fine actor he is.
    One thing is for sure – it is hard to get this man out of my head.
    I am still very angry with him!
    Sounds like a short holiday in Victor Harbour might be a good idea.

  17. This man should have been jailed a long time ago ! He had a sexual relationship with a 16 year old schoolgirl when he was 38!!
    So many of his patients were drugged so he could use them for sex !!
    Yes , it was a long time ago ….but the scars he caused never go away !!

  18. fiona ann anderson

    Graham Douglas Craig passed away suddenly on May 14 / 2015.
    Aged 75 years.
    His funeral is tomorrow, May 22, at 10.30 am, in St Michael’s Lutheran Church, Hahndorf.

    Her is gone now forever.
    Can never do harm again.

    Don’t ever let him win!
    Please take very good care of yourselves.


  19. khalil edgar jureidini

    I have heard an uncorroborated report that dr. craig died in victor harbour . it saddened me , and washed me with a wave of clarity and distorted memories ….and I pray someone wasn’t ‘ having a lend of me ‘ , sew to speak …

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