4 responses to “New York psychologist Boris Mirochnik charged with engaging in sex acts with teenage patient

  1. First off, nowhere did it say oral and anal.. in any report. Second off, I was his patient. One of my girlfriends was also his patient. Keep in mind this guy seen me free of charge just because she told him i needed help and had no insurance.

    Why would he do all that if his wife and kids are right up the stairs? And for three years this kid had the option NOT to continue sessions but still went? Something is up here. PLus if he was guilty he would undoubtedly deny it as if he was OJ Simpson.

    Theres something else to the stroy. Sound to me like there was something funky going on but got blown out of proportion. Sounds more like spite or revenge on the part of this kid.

  2. Don’t slander people until all the facts are in. And don’t add in your own hearsay.

    • Dear Gogetglasses,

      What you read in this blog is a reprint of what ran in one of your local papers. Psych Rape Reporter is therefore not slandering anyone–just re-reporting the already reported news.


      Psych Rape Reporter

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