Former California university psychiatrist Milton P. Huang surrenders license following oral sex with student

On December 24, 2009, psychiatrist Milton P. Huang voluntarily surrendered his medical license to the Medical Board of California in order to resolve pending charges of unprofessional conduct.

According to the Board’s document, Huang engaged in “sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and/or sexual contact by disrobing and hugging, kissing and touching intimate parts of [a patient’s] body, and/or by engaging in acts of oral copulation.”

Huang was employed at the University of California Santa Cruz’s (UCSC) health center when he committed these acts with a patient of the center. The document states that Huang resigned from his position at the University after being suspended and placed under investigation over the allegations.

During the investigation, he acknowledged that he had engaged in a “boundary violation” with a 21-year-old female patient—a student at UCSC—including acts of physical intimacy starting in his office and continuing in meetings outside the office.

Source: Decision in the Matter of the Accusation Against Milton Peechuan Huang, M.D., Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate No. CFE 50791, File No. 03-2008-189734, Before the Medical Board of California, effective December 24, 2009.


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