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Atlanta psychiatrist Seth A. Pope surrenders license following sex assault and unlawful prescribing charges

On January 7, 2010, psychiatrist Seth Pope surrendered his medical license to the Georgia Composite Medical Board, acknowledging “that this surrender shall have the same effect as a revocation of my license….”  According to the Board’s interim consent order, “On or about July 2009, the Board received information alleging [Pope] was indicted in Dekalb Superior Court for one count of…sexual assault against a patient, and one count of…unlawful prescription.”  Pope pleaded not guilty to the charges but, according to the Board’s document, “desires to voluntarily suspend his license so that he can devote his undivided attention to the defense of the charges against him.”

Pope’s office is on the campus of Peachford Hospital, a psychiatric facility that is owned and administered by Universal Health Services, a Pennsylvania-based health care management company with more than 100 behavioral health facilities.

Universal Health Services has been the subject of interest by concerned groups due to an apparent disregard for patient safety and well-being, which is documented in a report you can read here.

Source: Voluntary Surrender in the Matter of Seth Pop, M.D., License No. 23710, Docket No. 20100054, Before the Georgia Composite Medical Board, filed January 7, 2010.

State charges psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani with sexual abuse of patient, other charges

On December 10, 2009, the Medical Board of California issued an Accusation against psychiatrist Gurmeet Singh Multani, alleging sexual abuse, misconduct or relations, unprofessional conduct, repeated negligent acts, failure to maintain adequate and accurate records, gross negligence.

The Board’s document states that Multani treated patient “LE” from July 2006 to March 2007 and also treated her son and daughter. LE went to Multani for help with depression and sexual trauma. She disclosed to Multani during the course of her treatment that she had engaged in prostitution. Multani subsequently asked LE out to dinner and she agreed.

Following dinner and drinks, Multani took her to his office, where he engaged the patient in sexual intercourse. In the document, LE reported that Multani engaged her in intercourse many other times at his office, that he paid her various amounts of money for sex, including one occasion in which paid her $2,000 and that Multani had sex with LE on numerous occasions at LE’s apartment as well.

With another patient, “JR,” Multani is alleged to have prescribed a narcotic appetite suppressant following JR’s concerns about her weight, despite a 10-year history of opiate dependence and the addictive potential of the appetite suppressant. When JR complained that the drug made her hyper, Multani told her to continue to take it.

The document also states that Multani conducted a “check” of her weight loss progress that consisted of raising her skirt to expose her legs and thighs, rubbing and pinching the inside of her bare thighs, unzipping her skirt to observe her hips and touching her vagina through her underwear. During this “check” Multani made comments about JR being sexy. JR reported the incident to police that same day.

Source: Accusation in the Matter of the Accusation Against Gurmeet Singh Multani, M.D., Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate No. A-48279, Case No. 09-2007-188108, Medical Board of California, filed December 10, 2009.

Former California university psychiatrist Milton P. Huang surrenders license following oral sex with student

On December 24, 2009, psychiatrist Milton P. Huang voluntarily surrendered his medical license to the Medical Board of California in order to resolve pending charges of unprofessional conduct.

According to the Board’s document, Huang engaged in “sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and/or sexual contact by disrobing and hugging, kissing and touching intimate parts of [a patient’s] body, and/or by engaging in acts of oral copulation.”

Huang was employed at the University of California Santa Cruz’s (UCSC) health center when he committed these acts with a patient of the center. The document states that Huang resigned from his position at the University after being suspended and placed under investigation over the allegations.

During the investigation, he acknowledged that he had engaged in a “boundary violation” with a 21-year-old female patient—a student at UCSC—including acts of physical intimacy starting in his office and continuing in meetings outside the office.

Source: Decision in the Matter of the Accusation Against Milton Peechuan Huang, M.D., Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate No. CFE 50791, File No. 03-2008-189734, Before the Medical Board of California, effective December 24, 2009.

Psychiatrist Peter Morey suspended for discussing sexual matters with patients; married patient

On January 6, 2010, the Oregon Medical Board issued an emergency suspension order on psychiatrist Peter Morey, citing “immediate danger to the public and his patients.”

The Board found evidence of improper prescribing, boundary violations, inappropriate relationships with patients, confidentiality breaches and careless administrative practices.

According to the Board’s order, Morey prescribed long-distance, discussed personal and sexual matters with patients and showed a semi-automatic weapon to a patient.

In fall 2007, he dated another patient while he was still married.  Following his divorce, he engaged in a short-lived marriage to the patient (who also worked as a massage therapist in his office, partly during a period when she did not hold an active license).

Lastly, he provided personal loans up to $500 to several of his patients and formed friendships with two other female patients.  He made inappropriate personal disclosures of a sexually explicit nature about himself to one of these patients.

When contacted by the Board, he offered “misrepresentations” that contradicted evidence.  He is entitled to a hearing but must immediately cease practicing medicine.

Source: Order of Emergency Suspension In the Matter of Peter Samuel Morey, M.D., License No. MD 24236, Before the Oregon Medical Board.

California psychologist Joanie F. Gillispie surrenders license to state following sexual intercourse with former patient

On November 27, 2009, psychologist Joanie Farley Gillispie, Ph.D. surrendered her license to the Board of Psychology of the State of California. Gillispie was charged by the Board in September 2009 with Gross Negligence, Sexual Relations with a Former Patient, Violation of Rules of Professional Conduct and Repeated Negligent Acts. According to the Board’s Accusation, patient “PR” was referred to Gillispie in early 2001, following an industrial accident in which he sustained massive injuries to his lower body. Gillispie became his treating psychologist, meeting with him at his home twice a week, meeting with his wife, counseling with his medical providers and talking to him regularly by phone. After the therapy relationship ended in March 2002, Gillispie kept in contact with PR in person, by phone and by e-mail. Gillispie engaged in sexual intercourse with the former patient on July 3, 2002 and at least five additional times that year, and continued to have sexual intercourse with him through December 2004.

Source: Stipulated Surrender of License and Order in the Matter of the Accusation Against Joanie Gillispie, Ph.D., Psychologist’s License No. PSY 16728, Case No. 1F-2007-182872, effective November 27, 2009.