North Carolina revokes license of psychologist Kristel Rider for sex with former patient

On December 4, 2009, the North Carolina Psychological Board revoked the license of prison psychologist Kristel K. Rider for a violation of legal and ethical rules governing the conduct of psychologists. According to the Board’s order, Rider admitted to engaging in sex with a former patient, beginning April 3, 2008—the day he was released from Neuse Correctional Institution. Rider, who worked for the state Department of Corrections since 2004, lost her job after shooting the patient in the back on April 21, less than three weeks after his release. He survived the wound, from a .38 caliber slug, which passed through his chest inches from his heart. Rider can reapply for her license again after one year though reinstatement will be at the discretion of the Board’s panel. Rider was not charged with a crime in the shooting.

Source: Michael Biesecker, “Former prison therapist loses license after affair,” News-Observer, December 8, 2009.


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