Washington mental health counselor Mel Gaines’ license suspended for sex with client

On October 8, 2009, the Washington Department of Health (DoH) suspended registered counselor Mel Gaines for unprofessional conduct.

According to the state’s document, in December 2008, Gaines provided counseling services to a client with whom he entered into a sexual relationship. The client also had treatment with other counselors at the same facility where Gaines worked. Gaines continued to have a sexual relationship with the client after she discontinued treatment with him and after she left the facility.

In March 2009, Gaines was requested by a DoH to provide a written statement on the matter but failed to do so.

In August 2009, he was served by the DoH with a statement of charges and an opportunity to answer them. He failed to respond to the DoH’s communications.

He may not seek reinstatement of his license for five years.

Source: Default Order in the Matter of Mel S. Gaines, credential no. RC 00053460, case no. M2009-452, State of Washington Department of Health Secretary of Health, October 8, 2009.


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