10 responses to “Medical board refuses to license Gregory Villabona, psychiatrist with history of sexual offenses and allegations

  1. I wish that one of the newspapers used as sources were willing to print BOTH sides of the issue because they have hung a man out to dry without a thought of obtaining the complete truth.

  2. Dr. Villabona contacted Psych Crime Reporter (a sister blog to this one) to “correct glaring inaccuracies” in our coverage of his case. He did have two correct points to make but nothing of a truly exculpatory nature. He has still pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving two 11-year-old girls, lost his license and been denied reinstatement, been sued by a patient and lost. The correspondence and answer follows:

    My congratulations to the PCR for the public service it performs in keeping the public informed as accurately as possible. In my case however I feel impelled to correct glaring inaccuracies. I wish to preface by pointing out that PCR is likely guilty only of relying on sources and not of any malicious intention. PCR is also welcome to contact me for legal documentation of any statement I put forth. Please note the following:

    1. I have never been convicted of any crime. I do not have a criminal record.
    2. I was put on probation by the Delaware Board not because of a conviction but because the board considered any plea whether resulting in a conviction or not to be an ethical breech that harmed the public in a general sense.
    3. In the malpractice case I was found guilty of “…negligence that was the proximate cause of damages or injury to the Plaintiff..” – not of sexual misconduct.
    4. The jury further found that the injury complained of was not maliciously intended or the result of willful or wanton misconduct.
    5. Malpractice insurance does not pay for any damages except those resulting from the execution or the lack of execution of a medical procedure. It does not reimburse for sexual misconduct.
    6. The Maryland Board provided that I may reapply.

    In the spirit of accuracy and fairness I anticipate that PCR will access the legal documentation verifying the above so that they may correct their statements.

    Comment by Gregory VillaBona — December 2, 2009 @ 4:47 pm | Edit This | Reply

    Dear Mr. Villabona;

    In regard to you point #1: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. A bit more study on “probation before judgment made it clear that it results in a “no conviction.”

    #2: The reference to a conviction has been changed to “plead guilty to” and “guilty plea.”

    #3: There was no mention of “sexual misconduct” in my article, only that the former patient that sued you for engaging in sex with her. If you would like to provide a copy of the plaintiff’s petition or complaint, I would be more than happy to add in the specific causes of action contained therein. You are welcome to scan and e-mail it to psychcrimereporter@yahoo.com

    #4: Again, no mention of this was made in my article.

    #5: The general nature of professional liability coverage is understood, but this is not a salient point for this article.

    #6: Perhaps Psych Crime Reporter will have more to write about?

    The facts–even with the minor corrections you suggested in #1 and #2 above–speak for themselves. Your statements in #3-6, while perhaps factual and related to your case are 1) superfluous in relation to the thrust of the article and 2) appear to be a pathetically transparent attempt to mitigate conduct which resulted in a guilty plea, loss of license, lawsuit resulting in verdict for plaintiff and denial of license.


    Psych Crime Reporter

  3. You have now malisciously printed information that is entirely incorrect. Dr. VillaBona has NOT “lost his license,’ nor has he “been denied reinstatement.” I would also like to point out that Dr. VillaBona’s guilty plea in Maryland, was one in which the Judge found that the circumstances warranted ‘Probation Before Judgement’. In addition, I must wonder how serious you are about reporting the truth, and whether you bother to personally investigate any information that you print in your articles. Do you realize that on January 20, 2006, the Maryland Judge also ordered those records to be expunged. Expunged records are rather non-existant and anyone who releases any expunged information can be prosecuted, both in a criminal court, and in a civil court. I find your personal comments about Dr. VillaBona to be unprofessional and without merit, as you are the person in the wrong.

  4. My former spouse was a patient of Gregory N. Villabona for many years in Delaware. He made wildly inappropriate comments to her that led me to believe he was attempting a sexual relationship with her, and trying to end our marriage. I encouraged her to get another Doctor constantly, but she “liked” Villabona. Her “appointments” with him were “after normal office hours”, (get the picture?) I have strong suspicions Villabona had a sexual relationship with her as well. If I can ever prove it, Villabona will face another lawsuit, to pay for my divorce, which is still costing me tens of thousands of dollars. Greg, if you’re having trouble finding work now, you can shovel driveways clear of snow, and mow my grass in the summertime. No hard feelings! I’ve got to ask you, was she worth it?

  5. Sherri Lareming

    Excuse me, “Concerned,” but while you’re sitting her spewing all of this indignation about the article published here about Villabona, maybe you should throw your “concern” the way of the women this louse has sexually abused! Do you know that the two women, now in their 30’s, who were the victims of the Maryland sex crimes committed by Villabona were HIS OWN NIECES!!!??? Yes, that’s right…read it for yourself, the entire court filings/documents can be found on the net with a quick Google search! He abused those girls for years, not just in two separate years. He also abused another niece, who came forward after the first two came forward…took her out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, plied this underage child with liquor and then had sex with her!!! That’s who this arrogant piece of crap is. He had consistently violated rules of his probation, he LIED in court (to keep from going to prison) and claimed he was dying of cancer (see News Journal article for details). Now that he can’t even treat women/children anymore, he’s trying to get into Maryland so he can continue his reign of terror. So, forgive me if I have ZERO ZILCH NADA sympathy for this sexual predator. He shouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine ANYWHERE!!

    • Sherry, yes, I do know that the two women, now in their 30s, were his neices; and as a matter of fact, I KNOW the whole family, and the WHOLE story! I am gonna venture to say that you do NOT! There are MANY pieces to this story that are not public knowledge, and I would love to put all of the pieces on the table, allowing the public to see the entire puzzle, so that the opinion people form is well rounded, and not one sided. But, as I do not believe it is my place, I am not gonna go into detail about this man’s personal life. However, I feel that I must point out a couple of things that the public should know! First, the alleged third victim, was in no way related to Dr. Villabona, nor did SHE ever claim that he touched her! That story was a fabrication by the MD State Police, and she swore to that under oath; and pointing at the State Trooper that leaked that story to the newspaper, she openly called him a liar! Also, I have spent hours in Dr. Villabona’s office, and have overheard many conversations, and have had many conversations with patients, and the stories are all quite similar. Dr. Villabona saved my life; he was my final hope; he is not some arrogant man in a stuffy suit, he’s common folk, and doesn’t talk as if anyone is beneath him! He actually listens and hears what his patients have to say! In other words, his patients, both men and women, old, and new, love him, respect him, and believe in him! Remember, there are always at least two sides to every story!

  6. To share my personal experience, Dr. Villabona is an excellent doctor, I have treatment-resistant OCD that I have had for years, I lost my police career due to my disorder. I went through several psychiatrists, all they would ever do is prescribe SSRIs, which barely helped, even when my career was slipping through my fingers. After getting barred in Delaware, I went to see Dr. Villabona, he sent me for tests. He prescribed an off-label drug that worked and in 14 months, I should be cured of all OCD. So I owe my sanity and everything to Doctor Villabona.

    Now I’m currently in school to be an attorney, I cannot find any evidence of Dr. Villabona being convicted of any crime. I looked on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search and everything was dismissed. I know you guys are not well respected, and just looking for a story; and I understand that, what I can tell you is that Doc Villabona is very well respected among everyone I have met and is very well respected among Delaware Law enforcement. He has done wonders for me and helped me get back to the state in which I could have a career again. I would put my reputation on the line for him any day.
    Not to be insulting, but when I read the stories this site posts I picture a 30 year old living in his mom’s basement that couldn’t get a date in high school, so now he/she has to get back at the world by posting slanderous information about decent people. just saying.

    • Dear Brooks,

      I am not sure who the “you guys” are that you referred to. I am one person.

      I don’t have to look for stories. They are published routinely in the news and in the disciplinary action reports of the world’s health care licensing boards.

      The reason you can’t find any criminal convictions against the good doctor in Maryland is that he was sentenced to “probation before judgment.” I am not a cop or lawyer so I don’t exactly know how that works but it doesn’t change the fact that he is reported as having pled guilty to both a felony and a misdemeanor sexual offense in Maryland in 2002.

      I hope that in the process of becoming a lawyer, you learn what slander actually is: The content of this blog is re-posted news items that were published elsewhere and summaries of health care licensing board disciplinary actions against psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors and the like. That’s all we do. So, if you have a problem with it, contact the source of the information.


  7. Richard W. Breckenridge

    FACTS: Villibona sanctions- No patients under the age of 18: MALE patients ONLY – Until June 2015….The man is a dirtbag…READ the articles and sanctions for yourself….GOOGLE his name….Thank God for Old Newspaper Articles!

  8. Richard W. Breckenridge

    The Mentally Ill, treating the Mentally Ill……Villibona Heal Thyself First…Seek Counseling!

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